4 Ways to Save Money on Printing Full-Color Marketing Materials

New technological advances in pc software program and printing gadget have lowered the value of printing on sure jobs but you are confronted with excessive-value choices on whether or not to use four-colour printing or no longer. Here are four suggestions you would possibly strive.

1. If you need a quick complete-coloration run (generally less than 500 sheets), discover a printer who gives digital colour printing. By using this technique, you don’t pay for negatives, make-readies, or plates, and you can print variable records (as an instance, addresses on post playing cards). The forerunners had been the Xerox DocuColor, a toner-based totally virtual colour press and the HP Indigo, an ink-based digital coloration press. There are many greater excessive tech printing presses now available.

Eye-Popping Tip

The excellent of virtual printing has progressed to the point that every so often it’s miles hard to differentiate digitally-published portions from traditional offset printing.

2. Find a printing employer that does “gang” printing. This printer generally focuses on certain kinds of 4-coloration process jobs, such as enterprise playing cards, postcards, or 8.5″ x eleven″ flyers. They can provide value financial savings to customers by way of printing multiple jobs on one massive press on the equal time. Each patron shares the high priced 4-colour “set-up” expenses with all the others at the same activity, so anyone’s rate is going down.

The downside is that your turnaround time is affected if you have to watch for the opposite orders to reach. You also lose the possibility to choose the paper you need–all jobs are printed on the identical large sheet, then cut apart.

Similarly, you lose custom designed manipulate over your activity. For instance, you cannot ask the printer to regulate the colors on the clicking in your specifications. Sometimes unexpected shade shifts will arise in your published piece.

3. Pre-print shade “shells” of common, repeating factors. If you have a e-newsletter, promotional marketing campaign, or different more than one problem e-book, you may then use these shells for numerous issues. On the shell you would design a newsletter together with your brand, masthead, and tag line in coloration. Print these factors, leaving white space for the custom information with the intention to appear in every trouble.

Have your printer do enough shells for a one-12 months cycle, then store them and pull from them for each difficulty. New information gets printed on the shell in black ink. With this feature, you simplest should pay for shade printing once.

Four. Use complete-coloration pre-published papers. This choice is usually recommended most effective for very short runs on a shoestring budget. It calls for weighing the cost financial savings towards the lack of customization and viable loss of nice for your published piece.

These papers are available in a selection of designs for all activities and in layouts for business playing cards, trifold brochures, flyers, letterheads, reply-playing cards, and extra. In many instances, matching presentation folders, greeting playing cards, and thank you notes also are to be had.

The papers have a photo “subject matter” in a frame around every panel, with the center place open on the way to add your content. You buy those papers in applications of 25 to 50 sheets and layout your content to healthy into the open regions. Put the pre-revealed papers for your black and white laser printer or ink jet printer and print the content material in black.

A few dangers include this feature. You might not be capable of edit or flow the shade photos because they are already published. The commercial enterprise playing cards are perforated and can be revealed on paper that isn’t always as thick as you might like. Be aware that perforated commercial enterprise cards can also appearance “reasonably-priced” and the pre-published designs may additionally look acquainted because they come from artwork that is “inventory” and not original to you.

The use of coloration will make your advertising and marketing materials extra appealing, convince extra prospects and convert more sales. Nowadays you can be innovative together with your printing answers with out spending numerous money.

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