How To Split PDF Pages Online

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The PDF file format is used often because it preserves the content of a document. Splitting a PDF document is difficult than all the other document formats. Splitting a page from a PDF document can be when you only want to share certain pages of a PDF document how to split pdf. The other parts of the document can be containing confidential data which should not be shared.

The need to extract certain pages in a PDF document led to the development of PDF splitting tools Some tools require to be downloaded and installed while others can be used online. Some offline tools such as Adobe Acrobat will require you to pay a small amount to use them. Most online PDF splitting tools are free, all you need is to have a web browser (any) and an internet connection in your computer.

There are many online tools for splitting PDF documents online.

They are all easy to use and reliable.

  • Online PDF splitting tools, Soda PDF, Small PDF, iLovePDF, PDFPro, and many more.
  • Offline PDF splitting tools include Preview for OS X, CutePDF for Windows, and Adobe Acrobat.

Using to Split PDF Pages Online

PDF Split is the most trusted and widely used online tool when it comes to splitting PDF pages. It allows you to Split confidential or personal documents securely by clicking the “Secure Connection” link on the main page. Here is a step by step guide to split a PDF document online using

  1. Go to on your browser.
  2. Drag the PDF document you want to split into the “Drop a file here” box. You can also click the “My Computer” button to open File Explorer (Windows) or Finder (Mac). You can also split your PDF documents stored in Dropbox and Google drive accounts by clicking the respective buttons.
  3. Enter the range of pages. If you want to split a document of 10 pages into a 5 pages document enter 1-5 in the Pages section. This creates a PDF document with page 1-5 (the first five pages). Enter 6-10 if you want to create a PDF document with the last 5 pages of the original document. You can also be able to create a PDF document with whose pages were not sequential in the original document. It is also possible to split pages from more than one document and join them into one PDF document.
  4. Click the “More” button to create the second document. This allows you to split the original document into more than one document without having to repeat the process. Check the “Extract all pages into a single file” box if you want to have one file per page.
  5. Customizing split files names. Check the “Customize Split File’s Name” box to issue a new name to every split file you create.
  6. Click the “Split” button to split the document. The new documents will be automatically downloaded as Zip files. Double click the downloaded zip file to see the slitted documents. The downloaded zip file will be stored on the downloads folder of the browser used.