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Marmoleum Flooring FAQs
Forbo Marmoleum Click FAQ and Technical Specifications

Please Note:
Due to exclusive distribution rights, Forbo will not drop-ship products directly to the following states: CT, MA, ME, NH, RI, VT, and Up-State New York. For these areas, we will have the flooring shipped to us, and then we will ship it out to you.

  Easy to Install:
Marmoleum Click boxes should be stored flat, unopened , for approximately 2 days (6 days in winter) in the center of the room in which theyare to be installed.
Marmoleum Click is easily installed. The flooring slots together with a simple 'In & Out' system that allows you to simply 'click' the panels into place. Marmoleum Click panels are nice and wide for a smooth floor. And no glue is required, so the floor can be walked on immediately after installation.

  Bathroom or Damp Areas:
-All expansion spaces between the Marmoleum Click and walls, the doorway transition or other fixed objects such as pipes for radiators, sinks, or toilets. MUST be sealed with 100% mildew resistant silicone.
-The perimeter space must be 1/4" wide and completely sealed with 100% mildew resistant seal and prior to installing the wall trim.
-If a floor drain or sump pump is present - DO NOT INSTALL Marmoelum Click on that level.
T-Molding must be installed in the doorway between rooms and expansion space completely filled with the proper sealant.

Warmth and Radiant Heating:
Because Marmoleum Click is a natural product like wood, it makes your house snug and warm. It reaches room temperature quickly and can even be used with under-floor heating / radiant heating.

Health and Hygiene:
Marmoleum Click makes life easier for people with allergies and other respiratory disorders. Because Marmoleum Click has anti-static properties and smooth surface, cleaning is quick and simple. These properties help prevent the accumulation of dust mites which is one of the major causes of allergies, asthma, and other respiratory disorders. Marmoleum Click is also bacteriostatic, which means they prevent micro-organisms from multiplying, such as Salmonella, Staphylococcus, and MRSA. Marmoleum has been tested by 2 independant scientific institutes (TNO & NAMSA) for these bactericidal properties. That is why Marmoleum is so popular in hospitals.

Many of Marmoleumís attributes are the result of the continued oxidation of the natural linseed oil used to make Marmoleum Click. During the process of producing Marmoleum oxidation may result in a yellowish cast, known as ambering, on the product. The visual discoloration is temporary. When exposed to light the ambering disappears. This process takes a few hours in bright sunlight and longer in artificial light. Applying a finish to the surface, such as Forbo Marmoleum Finish, will not prevent the ambering process.

Easy to Clean:
Marmoleum Click is durable, color-fast, and has anti-static properties which makes cleaning easy. Keep it dirt-free by dusting or sweeping and remove spots with a neutral cleaner and damp cloth or mop. ***For best results, always use Marmoleum Cleaner and Marmoleum Finish products available at www.InstallerStore.com.

Additional Specifications:
Castor Resistance: Marmoleum is suitable for office chairs with soft standard castors, in accordance with EN 12 529.
Indentation Resistance: In accordance with EN 433 (requirement is less than .2mm), typical value =.12mm.
Anti-Static: Static discharge on persons remains under 2kV, measured in accordance with EN 1815.
Fire Resistance: Marks left on Marmoleum Click as a result of stubbed-out cigarettes can be removed with a slight abrasive cleaner. Marmoleum does not melt.
Chemical Resistance: In accordance with EN 423, Marmoleum is resistant to diluted acids, oils, fats, and conventional solvents such as alcohol, white spirit, etc. Not resistant to prolonged exposure to alkalis.
Indoor Air Quality: Quality was certified with TUV ToxProof.
Dimensional Stability: In accordance to EN 13 329, maximum of .6mm.
Bacteriostatic Properties: These properties have been confirmed by two laboratories. TNO (in the Netherlands) and NAMSA (in The US). This confirmation also includes attacks from the bacteria Methiciline Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA), Salmonella Typhimurium, and Staphylococcus Aureus.

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